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The late David Fleming told us:


Our economy and society depend on a lot of things working right, all the time: cheap and reliable flows of energy, a stable climate, fertile soils, abundant fresh water, productive oceans, an intact, diverse ecology, high levels of employment and a cohesive culture. These are all in trouble.


Civilization is at an historic pivot point. Disintermediation and re-simplification are coming. If you'd like to prepare, you need to organize, as Odum said, "a prosperous way down." We like permaculture design and holistic management as some of the better tools for performing this kind of reorganization. There is a greater challenge, however. The karma of collective procrastination is a concatenaton of evils: civil unrest, economic crises, nuclear weapons and wastes, fertility inertia, mass extinctions, acid oceans, methane burps, and the erosion of the margin for our survival.

Countering these trends is preservation of wealth, security and high ground if you can follow the signs. We call what we offer COOL.DESIGN.


2018 and beyond

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