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Where in the World is Albert?


2019 Schedule:


April 20-26 Climate and Consciousness Livestream from Findhorn, Scotland

April 26-28 Mother Earth News Fair, Asheville, North Carolina

May 20-23 Collision Conference, Toronto, Ontario

May 24 Nori Reversing Climate Change Podcast

May 25-26 Biochar Masterclass and Talk, Whole Village, Cameron, Ontario

June 1-2 Tennessee Green Retreat, Montgomery Bell State Park

June 13-14 The New Climate Economy for Southern Illinois, Carbondale, Illinois

July 1-3 USBI Biochar and Bioenergy Conference, Ft. Collins, Colorado

July 13-17 GEN Europe Biochar Masterclass, Comune Bagnaia, Italy

July 19-21 Hawkwood Seed Festival, Stroud, England

July 30 Dr Mercola Podcast

Aug 2-11 Permaculture Design Course, Cloughjordan, Ireland

Aug 12 Kilkenny Fringe, Talk and Biochar Masterclass

Sep 4-6 Biochar Study Tour, Finland

Sep 12-13 Biochar Masterclass, Lilleoru, Estonia

Sep 16 Drawdown Conference, Pennsylvania

Oct 3-4 Commonwealth Oceans Meeting, London, England

Oct 8-10 Living Product Expo, Nashville, Tennessee

Oct 11-13 Octoberfest, Hohenwald, Tennessee

Oct 18-19 Mother Earth News Fair, Lawrence, Kansas

Dec 2-11 COP-25 Climate Conference, Madrid, Spain

Dec 7 Utopus Club, Madrid, Spain

Dec 8 World Climate Summit - The Investment COP, Madrid, Spain

Dec 9 Interview, Spanish Vogue

Dec 23 Dr Mercola Podcast

2020 Schedule:

Jan 9 World Ecovillage Summit Keynote Interview, Findhorn Scotland

Jan 29 Permaculture Podcast with Kathy Helms

Feb 11 Interview, Der Stern

Mar 1-14 Permaculture Design Course, Maya Mountain Research Farm, Belize

Nov 12, Scaling Biochar (virtual keynote) Sonoma CA

Dec 8 USBI Annual Conference (virtual)

2021 Schedule:

Jan 27 "Counting down to restoring earth: How do we get there?" ERC Symposium

Mar 23 Carbon Clubhouse with Christophe Jospe (podcast)

May 30 Gaia Education EDE “Regenerative Agriculture and Food Security"

Aug 8 Veganism Theory of Change-Can Veganism Scale to Fix Climate? (Clubhouse)

Aug 16 Carbon Drawdown by Natural Means, Cloughjordan Ireland (virtual PDC)

Sep 30-Oct4 CSA Annual Meeting (virtual)

Oct 6 Radio Ecoshock Getting to Little with Alex Smith, Vancouver

Oct 31 Biochar and Ecovillages I (Clubhouse)

Nov 7 Biochar and Ecovillages II (Clubhouse)

2022 Schedule:

April 26 Going Deep with Aaron Watson podcast

May 7 Gaia Education EDE “Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security"

June 4 Richard Perkins Irish Masterclass:  Drawdown

June 21 Lillioru Permaculture with Ingvar Villedo, Estonia podcast

June 19 Permaculture Panel with Amber Lehrmann and Jude Hobbs, Kansas Permaculture Guild

June 24 Permaculture Podcast

June 25 Regenerative Governance with Steve Keen, Economy, Climate and Degrowth (Clubhouse)

July 13 The Farm (video address) CASA Latina 2022

July 25 Eco Sapien Podcast with Tami Brunk

Aug 8-10 North American Biochar and Bioenergy Conference, Morgantown WV

Sep 7 Pyrolysis and Biochar 101, Sustainability Living Podcast

Sep-Dec Climate Chat Sundays on Clubhouse; Self-Sovereignty with Ben Tristam on Clubhouse

Oct 22 Tennessee Forestry Service Biochar Field Day, McMinnville TN

Dec 1 Climate Foundation HPAC meeting: Biochar Panel with Benoit Lambert and Brian von Herzen

2023 Schedule:

Jan 17 Permaculture Visions Podcast

Mar 1 Air Miners webinar on Biochar with Kathleen Draper

May 6 Gaia Education EDE “Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security"

June-Oct Climate Chat Sundays on Clubhouse; Self-Sovereignty with Ben Tristam on Clubhouse

June 19-28 Biochar Academy, Canandaigua NY

Oct 5-7 Communal Studies Association Annual Meeting, New Harmony IN

Oct 21 Ross Jackson Celebration (video address) Findhorn Scotland

2024 Schedule:

Jan 15-18 International Communal Studies Association (virtual, Tel Aviv)

Feb 12-16 US Biochar Initiative Conference, Sacramento CA

Feb 18 Eco Hero 2024 presentation, Santa Barbara CA

Mar 2 Urban Permaculture Design Course, Los Angeles Eco Village CA

Mar-Apr GEN Ecovillage Design Course (virtual)

Apr 15 Sanctuary Summit, The Farm, Summertown TN

Sep 3-5 Communal Studies Association Annual Meeting

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