Our residential apprenticeships have been suspended.

Perhaps you'd like to move to an ecovillage.

Somewhere really beautiful.


Teaching is my livelihood. When you teach outside of acadëme, its a tough racket. With the rise of the Internet, it has gotten to be an even tougher racket for true outsiders who teach against the grain of conventional wisdom and are never wedded to a political correctness. Potential "consumers of knowledge" are now able to find courses that sound similar to what I teach, for free!  Nonetheless, those of us who seek authenticity and teach of our own authority have to make a living. Consider too an underfunded student who might be coming from a rural village in Nepal, Haiti or Tunisia. How do they pay for lodging, food and tuition, not to mention travel? And yet, these are the most important students I have. They are the future.


If you are in a position to chip in a couple of bucks to help a student, or his teacher, that PayPal button just under this paragraph makes it easy. If enough people donate, we can expand these good deeds considerably. All donations go to Global Village, which is tax-deductible.


Okay, that was was good, you helped keep the lights on at the training center. You got some less advantaged student there and back. Now its time to get strategic.

Teaching is strategic, don't get me wrong. I am in the business of training trainers. Our graduates and their new skills will be essential in midwifing the revolution that lies just ahead.

But now lets build a cool lab. Lets make energy from some abundant waste biomass that, left to its own, would go back to the atmosphere and increase global warming. Lets take the biproduct of that energy - biochar - and make biofertilizer. Lets work upstream and capture some of that waste biomass as leaf protein and probiotics. Lets go downstream and use the biochar to filter water, clean air, and improve animal digestion (our own included) BEFORE it becomes a biofertilizer. Lets cascade all of these products and services into a site that is in dire need of ecological regeneration and recruit disenchanted students looking for a cause. Lets restore ecological function. Lets turn back the desert. Lets reverse climate change.

It's not too late.

One million of you in a position to chip in a couple of bucks, or one of you in a position to chip in a million bucks, can make that cool lab happen right away. That PayPal button just above this paragraph is there for this purpose too.

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